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CBI on Shehla Masood – Are you freaking kidding me?

Let me get this straight, dear CBI. You are saying a woman who suspected that her husband was involved with another woman knew a rent-a-sharpshooter? And had 3 lakh rupees to give him without arousing suspicion? And such a simple case flabbergasted everybody and his cousin for over half a year? And the woman’s husband… Read More »

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Mamata Banerjee

A collection of Mamata Banerjee’s astonishing callousness to human suffering. I formally declare her insane. Her election itself is a rumor or conspiracy by enemies of West Bengal.

SailGate: The UnRomantic Gift

As the fairy tale goes, First lady of Mumbai, Tina had always wanted to have a yacht. Husband Anil Ambani got her a dream-boat. A 400 crore rupee one! Would be nice, if true. But you know how newspapers exaggerate. Here’s a quote: Tian was built in Genoa, Italy. It is about 34 metres long and… Read More »

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I Am Woman – 2

I Am Woman Part 1 || Part 2 by Hannah Imogen Jones Continued from Part 1 Some months later I received a telephone call from a friend of mine. She was sobbing her heart out, crying so much she could hardly speak and said that she was coming over to my house because she needed to talk. What… Read More »