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Some thoughts on FDI

Me not having much of a head for money matters, I had not commented on FDI in retail so far. However, I had a conversation with a friend who made several observations which seemed important to me, so sharing them here. The friend wishes not to be named, since he works for a place supporting… Read More »

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The Dark Side of Twitter

Twitter is well appreciated for the unprecedented freedom of interaction it provides, while at the same time allowing for security. Also, being directly able to hear candid talk of public figures, being able to engage them with questions is something that had been difficult for most people with questions or curiosity. Celebrity accounts interacting with fans… Read More »

The Muddy River – A Review

A Review of The Muddy River by P.A. Krishnan. An intricate cobweb of narratives that leads the reader into an intense story of being human.

Orphans of the state

A eunuch friend was followed by three thugs making lewd suggestions and stalking. With relief, she spotted a lady cop further down the road and hurried to her for help only to be dismissed with “tum dhanda karte hai is liye woh tumhare peeche aate hai” [they follow you because you are a prostitute]. I… Read More »