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Rickshaw trouble in Pune?

A friend wanted to know information on how to complain about rickshaws refusing to take fares, overcharging or otherwise providing improper service. Found several different kinds of information from different sources, compiling here. Use what works, if something doesn’t work, let me know, so I can take it out. In all cases, complaints should mention… Read More »

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Airtel’s settlement offer

I have been having trouble with Airtelfor a long time, since I got suddenly overbilled out of the blue and from a normal bill of about Rs.350/- I got a bill of more than Rs.9,000/- There had been no change in my usage. I raised the alarm when I got an SMS warning that the… Read More »

AfPak fantasies

All conflict is a study in differences of perception and differences of opinion. But the War Against Terrorism in Afghanistan is a whole new league in itself. Here are some top fantasies by the three players of interest to India. Naturally, they are irrelevant to facts playing out: US: Given enough carrots and sticks, you… Read More »