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Musings 29th Aug 2011

“ High tide should be around noon today. Good idea to avoid being flooded into uncomfortable positions 😉 Vidyut August 28, 2011 “ From the sound of it, things sound normal for #mumbairains Most roads clear of paranoid people, usual suspect… (cont) Vidyut August 28, 2011 “ The general guide is when our area… Read More »

Musings 28th August 2011

“ Lazy morning. It is Sunday. Vidyut August 27, 2011 “ I see the intolerance as a product of scarce luxuries today. Like the tribe in ‘gods must be crazy’ and their coca cola bottle. Vidyut August 27, 2011 “ Since joining Twitter,”intellectual” has come to mean something superior, judgmental and polarized. A part of… Read More »

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Anna and his so called Taliban

There are a lot of people comparing Anna with the Taliban, and I think it is a product of our education system, where theory is taught as a separate thing from life. People aren’t used to seeing ideas in action. The higher educated, the worse it gets. Anyway, here are some arguments and what I… Read More »

Musings 27th Aug 2011

Collection of stray thoughts worth remembering. Planning to make a habit of recording thoughts worth coming back to in the future. A lot of Team Anna action these days. I keep inquiring my own stands, and support, and I find things different every day, so not exactly innovative thoughts, some of these, but keeping them… Read More »