May 2011

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Woman takes attacker's penis to cop

An article made headlines yesterday. Woman takes attacker’s penis to cop Apparently some woman in Bangladesh was molested by a man, and she cut off his penis and took it to the cops. Naturally, this…

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Women and Power : The Gender Battle

Patterns of assumptions and stereotypes manipulate collective responses. Patterns based on things we refuse to acknowledge or even are aware of. “Strong man”, “Caring mother”, “damsel in distress”, “hen pecked”, “old coot”, “shrew” and more aren’t just…

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On making India safer

We are hearing storied of police brutalities all the time. Human rights abuses by armed forces. Hideous crimes against women by their own families or random society. Abuses, murders and what nots. Journalists and activists…

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A Tribute to a Stranger

Exactly one week ago, the 20th of May was a bad, bad day. My hosting providers were giving me trouble. Within a year, I had upgraded through two plans, I was on a VPS, and…

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The role of women beside men : Afghan Life

Gity Yousafi speaks about the right of women to work as they wish, like men. Women and men both of them have a special role in the society. Both of them have right to have…

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