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To Pakistani journalists

To all of you anonymous, known, yet to be known harbringers of truth. India Pakistan anything is not easy. Be it praise, care or even blame. So here I am, an Indian, telling you in this moment at least that I care. Not my place to recommend anything. Not qualified. Not as journalist, neither as… Read More »

Woman takes attacker's penis to cop

An article made headlines yesterday. Woman takes attacker’s penis to cop Apparently some woman in Bangladesh was molested by a man, and she cut off his penis and took it to the cops. Naturally, this caught the imagination of many people. Also many felt vindicated about what she did. It is only too common to… Read More »

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Women and Power : The Gender Battle

Patterns of assumptions and stereotypes manipulate collective responses. Patterns based on things we refuse to acknowledge or even are aware of. “Strong man”, “Caring mother”, “damsel in distress”, “hen pecked”, “old coot”, “shrew” and more aren’t just common terms, they are common ways in which we see people and there are patterns. There are scales of gender,… Read More »

On making India safer

We are hearing storied of police brutalities all the time. Human rights abuses by armed forces. Hideous crimes against women by their own families or random society. Abuses, murders and what nots. Journalists and activists being killed. We analyze fault lines, debate solutions, apply some, and invariably all fails to create change. One reason that… Read More »