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Tribute to the Sai Baba Fraud

Now that he’s dead, these videos will become less popular. Thought I’d keep them handy, just in case N grows up and wants to be a conjurer, this could get him started. This is a must watch, if you go around advising people on such matters. So, here goes. Jai Sai Baba. A friend was… Read More »

Harrassment/Gundagardi by Chandigarh Police with me and my friend

Dr. Gaurav Chhabra writes about his experience as a regular citizen of India out on a post dinner stroll. Dr. Gaurav Chhabra is a health activist and filmmaker. Recently he made and released a film about current happenings around corruption called Inklab. Do watch. After the daily dose of our post dinner ice-cream, me and… Read More »

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Violence and Religion

Gity Yousafi on religious violence. She asks a fundamental question that is increasing in importance in today’s world – can religion and violence co-exist? This is a question; can violence and religion be together? Can’t violence destroy the religion? The violence belongs to human, when show it self that intellect is silent and doesn’t work.… Read More »