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Women's restaurants in Afghanistan

Here’s a treat for those of you who have been following this Afghan Life series, which almost seems to be turning into an Afghan women series as well. Here’s a video from an innovative idea – restaurants for women, by women. It is difficult for women to eat with the veil, and it can be… Read More »

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The dream of Afghan Girls : Afghan Life

A second post by Gity Yousafi of Herat, Afghanistan, where she looks at the condition of women in Afghanistan through the lens of a young girl and describes their dreams and how things should be. As an Afghan girl my dream is that the women of Afghanistan have a secure country and be free to… Read More »

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Condition of Women in Afghanistan : Afghan Life

This is the new instalment in the Afghan life series by Gity Yosufi from Herat in Afghanistan. It brings a look into the difficulties faced by Afghan women in practical, day to day life. The conditions of Afghans women are very bad, after Talliban time the women could be relive again and took their freedom… Read More »

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