Wikileaks: The battlelines find form

The war against transparency is now official with journalists at the Pentagon forbidden to access Wikileaks. Journalists? Yep. Why? Because the documents are still classified. This, if anything is a statement about the excessive classification Obama had promised to cut down. You don’t need wikileaks for these scandalous revelations. They are happening right here, right now. History forming as we speak. What remains to be seen is how this history will be written. The ‘masses’…

"Wikileaks: The battlelines find form"

Rahul Gandhi is absolutely correct on Hindutva Extremism

He is right. The Muslim groups do more damage, but the Hindu groups are more dangerous because India has a Hindu majority. If we look at world news, Indian Muslims are actually a wonderful lot. An improving economy and greater possibilities opening up for Muslims have ensured that most Muslims in India see themselves as Indians first. Never mind what the people say. Look at Muslim friends you have. Shopkeepers, colleagues. Do you seriously think…

"Rahul Gandhi is absolutely correct on Hindutva Extremism"

We shall mourn the sad demise of journalism

I am utterly disgusted (as usual) with the obsession with rhetoric among Indian newspapers and politicians. NONE of the Indian newspapers quote any actual cables saying anything – only claims that “wikileaks says”. This is journalism? The news with the real concerns has less focus than gossip about politicians. Of course, with out “Made in US” understanding of ourselves and the world, it is more important to know what Rahul Gandhi told US diplomats about…

"We shall mourn the sad demise of journalism"

Wikileaky Kashmir – Abuses, Human rights

The much awaited dirt on India in Kashmir is finally out – abuse, human rights… the usual, but from yet another source. Among the cables released by Wikileaks we have several which help us see the situation in Kashmir through the eyes of an interested, but uninvolved perspective. The Guardian has published a wonderful writeup. I like it particularly because the absense of chest thumping and claims leaves the reader free to get an understanding…

"Wikileaky Kashmir – Abuses, Human rights"

Digital Tridev – Wikileaks, Anonymous, Netizens

in an age where people are obsessed about security and softwares that could misuse their computers, when enough people VOLUNTEER to download, install and run on their machines software that they know full well will be controlled by someone else and used to attack monoliths of power of todays time, an important question comes up. That question is not whether what these people are doing is right or wrong or illegal or not. That question is, what is happening that these people would take big risks even to be able to stand against?

"Digital Tridev – Wikileaks, Anonymous, Netizens"