October 2010

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Arundhati this

Image by jeanbaptisteparis via Flickr Came across an interesting argument against the Arundhati logic today. According to her, what she is doing is freedom of speech, even though it defames the country. So how is…

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CWG: The humiliation we escaped

Image via Wikipedia As the commonwealth games are behind us in all their malarial glory, falling constructions and standards of hygiene, it comes to mind that we escaped one really disastrous disaster. Bedbugs. Apparently, even…

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The War on Terror – Not our war

Seriously, I mean it. As the NATO fails more and more obviously in completing their war, there are attempts to discredit Pakistan and bring in India and China. For some reason, the West (read US)…

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Indian media has lost it totally

Vidyut lashes out with irritation at the utterly negative Indian media attitude toward the Commonwealth Games in India and thinks it is less about journalism and more about holding grudges.

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