August 2010

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Peddling God

I had never thought that I would criticize aid coming into Pakistani flood victims. When I read about banned organizations offering aid, my first thought was “Great! All help welcome.” I got the reasoning about…

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I was just looking at the different things Kashmir wants, and it seems quite obvious that India seems to be better at ensuring the welfare of the Kashmiris. Was wondering, idly of course, is it…

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Strategy for dealing with stone pelting

Okay, so these teens insist they are attacking only the armed forces. Why not send a bunch of civilian volunteers to talk? Journalists, general adrenaline addicts… people who understand that there is a risk, but…

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To the government

Important – to the ‘opposition’ and other non ‘ruling’: We understand that you are politicians, and finger pointing is your job so that weak links become visible. However, there are ways to do it, and…

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Kashmir and the future

We have people up in arms in Kashmir. We have the army being blamed for their misery. We have politicians out of stock on meaningful ideas. I think that if we need to move on…

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