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Solar Eclipse and its Impact

As we progress into a faster and faster age, there are superstitions and paranoias we almost delight in nurturing.

Just woken up and discovered that I’m not going to get anything to eat and drink till I have a bath first. You’d think a pregnant woman would get a discount when it comes to strict rules on food and drink, but not so. The rules are even more strict for me, so that the evil rays of the sun don’t mess up my unborn child.

I woke up in a sour mood, and hunted for some reading on this eclipse. I found this article in the Times of India:

I enjoyed reading it. The ‘pregnant pause’ where women don’t want delivery or discharge during an eclipse, really sums up the attitude of our relatives. It was embarrassing to get advice about when to eat and what time to avoid peeing! For God’s sake – pregnant women have little choice in the matter. Does anyone think I go to that special room all the time as a hobby?

Other gems include not looking out of the window and not looking at a computer screen for fear of the rays harming the baby. Where is anything written that it is so? Some guru pulled it out of his hat, and the gullible masses swallowed it whole.

My mother-in-law was utterly serious as she told me that not following all this will result in a deformed baby with a cleft lip and what not!

As I wait for the bath water to fill….. another side effect of this eclipse is that there seems to be a water shortage – the water seems to have run out 3 hours before usual…. so filling the water takes longer on the back up tank. Looks like everyone and his cousin is washing off all kinds of bizarre influences from their bodies.

I’m getting itchy about all the meaningless fear floating around. I need a bath too!

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