Monthly Archives: December 2008

Ride to the bait

Update: After getting praise mails that I am, as a journalist encouraging war, I need to state specifically that I am NOT a journalist, and my knowledge of politics is minimal. What I am is a concerned and distraught citizen. My posts are not informed political opinions or advice about policy, but thoughts that cross… Read More »

Army encounters and other killings

Today, there is news of yet another Kashmiri student dying in an Army encounter. The Army says that it had received information on suspicious activity and had laid an ambush. When they detected movement, they challenged the persons, and on not getting a reply, they opened a fire in which Manzoor Ahmed Magray a student… Read More »

Mumbai terror – "sister" in burqa?

I’ve been following news on the Mumbai terror attacks religiously, and to my surprise, today, there are reports in various UK newspapers that Mumbai police are looking for a woman in a burqa who assisted the terrorists. All these news pieces agree that the captured terrorist confirmed her presence and that she visited the terrorists… Read More »