You like what you see here? You’d like to support? Good. Here are some ideas.

Question everything. Think. Form opinions. Test.

We are used to having official versions of everything, which are big whitewashes. If you find cracks in understanding, where things don’t quite match. Poke in that crack, widen your understanding. Find out more. This is the very best you can do for you and the world. Even if you do nothing else to support, if you never return here, do this.

Ditch sacred cows. If any source of knowledge is to “correct” to question, ditch it first, then investigate if you can reinstall it after understanding. Seriously. Never trust anything that isn’t transparent in its conclusions. And I include me in this. If you don’t understand something I’m saying, ask. If you still don’t get it, accept that there is something with unknown logic, which can’t really be trusted. Be sure of where your information comes from, and opinions and choices will be far less trouble. If you do trust someone enough to trust them with conclusions you haven’t arrived at, be aware of it. Not a crime in itself, as long as you don’t forget that.

I call it support, because you doing it empowers my world too. I value that. Oh, and if you try an idea you found here and it works or doesn’t, I’d love to hear about it.

Share back your learnings

Write, blog, talk with people, share your insights. It is in articulating them that they become clearer, holes in logic become obvious and further learnings open up with fresh perspectives adding to the picture. If you wish to write here, get in touch and we’ll figure it out. Usually, I’m fine with it as long as there is no blind hate involved. If I think you’re trying to use the credibility of this site to showcase propaganda, your ass is grass. You got a chance and lost it is all I can say.

Contribute feedback.

Comment about how a particular article impacts you.

Adds to the diversity of views here. It’s important. It’s support.

Contribute effort.

  • I’m trying to get this website translated into Indian regional languages. If you can help with that, it would be great. Currently, there is only Hindi, but I can add more if someone can take responsibility.
  • I am thinking of creating an ebook of the best of articles here to possibly sell for money, or offer sponsors as a token of thanks. If you have skills in making such things, please help.

Link to this site.

Help others find this place you found value in. If you have a blog, website, email group, whatever. Link, recommend. Share specific articles you find interesting or engage someone in a conversation around one.


If you are making a good living, consider sponsoring me. I am not. I’m earning zero, have a son with special needs and am at a rock bottom place in wallet. It is not the end of the world, so you don’t have to make sacrifices to rescue me, but if you have some to spare, sending it my way will help me not reach a place where I have to give the place up for lack of funds, or because I have to go out and earn. Paypal will work, or if you’re in India, the usual suspects like cheques and bank transfers will be good.

I will be using this money to pay for server, and my living expenses. Will not provide accounts, transparency, etc. as personal finances are involved. take it on trust, or don’t give, seriously. Nothing is worth doubting an otherwise good thing. This place was never about money, which is now an unfortunate necessity. You don’t owe me a thing if it isn’t comfortable.

Will figure out a way to add Paypal here. In the meanwhile, just comment with correct email and I’ll get in touch.

Update: Shashank, a reader here is currently sponsoring this server. You can read about it here. This miraculous offer was what gave me the idea to ask you guys for help. I realized that there are people who would want to see this space continued, and would support if I am not able to.

And the most important…. ideas

If you have ideas that will make this blog better, please share them. I’ll really appreciate that. 

42 thoughts on “Support

  1. Saumitra Sengupta

    Please DM your account number @SrDPO.

  2. Ram Ramdas

    just came across your blog via a story that was covered in my new “Times Of People Power” daily:

    Your blog came across as extremely passionate and sincere. I understand you have a child with special needs. would like to support what / where i can possibly….pl take a look at my blog or on twitter @ramramdas

  3. Piyush Mishra

    I want to help you with 2 things.

    #1 adding paypal button to your site. (I am a php developer)
    #2 Reading out excerpts from your blog posts on my youtube videos.

    Can you email me?

  4. sukhwant singh

    The Nuclear tragedy at Japan is amazing and your coverage will hopefully keep more and more people aware about the dangers of badly designed and careless management of such power stations.

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