PDAs of BJP Congress crony politics

While the BJP and Congress persist in calling AAP for being the Team B of each other, the fact remains that the two have colluded without openly allying all the time, and as the voices decrying corruption get louder, they remain scrupulously distant while acting in tandem. Not onlyu00c2u00a0do they both violate Indian laws by […]

BJP declares war on India

The war that was brewing on the internet since 2009 seems to have been unleashed on the country at large, and it is increasingly looking like the rotten framework of India is powerless to withstand it. A defeated, demoralized Congress cowers from the consequences of its own choices and is too busy navel gazing to […]

Election Commission ignores complete thug controlled polling in Mewat

AAP Gurgaon has reported 110 polling booth problems during polling ranging from outright booth capture to bogus voting and harassing AAP representatives and making them leave or otherwise compromised. The situation isn’t exactly better in several other places. This is an account of poll booth capture at Mewat posted by Vivek Sharma on Facebook as […]

Category: Crime

Letter to Mr Arun Jaitley

To The Desk of Arun Jaitley As ever Mr. Arun Jaitley has come up with an explanation to another contentious matter that has concerned the nation regarding the leadership of his organisation BJP. There is a term in journalism that explains the creative exercise of proposing distinctive interpretation, especially as used by politicians to sway […]

The media is dead. Long live the stenographers #paidmedia #OperationLoksabha

News Express channel, under the leadership of Vinod Kapri made a remarkable achievement yesterday. They broadcast a five hour long expose of abject election rigging, complete with buying off candidates, putting up fake candidates to divide votes of opponents, accepting funding for obstructing policies that don’t favor corporates by organized disruption of Parliament through protests […]

Updated: Factchecking Press (mis)Trust of India #PTI #mediabias

It is alarming when you have an article from an organization that claims to be a collective of news media peddling a political slant, and it gets replicated word for word across various sites syndicating news from them. After National Broadcasters Association issuing a veiled threat to Kejriwal in the wake of their outrage over […]

Open letter to Indian media about Lok Sabha Elections

Dear media, India is witnessing an unprecedented event. It is the largest election to date in the world. We have them every five years, but our population has grown since our own previous record. So has the reach of mass media and social media and mobile phones. Recent developments in the country have raised the […]

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